Critical Analysis of Pity of War by Niall Ferguson

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Student’s Name: Professor’s Name: Course: Date: A Critical Analysis of the Pity of War by Niall One of the greatest aspects of the book, which demands a great deal of attention is the apparent uniqueness. A lot has been questioned regarding its thrilled denunciation of established wisdom, just as much as the confidence and vigor though Niall Ferguson describes the controversial case. Based on the controversies, one may be moved to establish the existence of the book had Niall not been engrossed in the banking history, or had he not been a Conservative party member during the Thatcher eras. Moreover, many are likely to be curious regarding the tone of his creation given that he is an individual from the Oxbridge system, which values aphorism and paradox as human wisdom epitome. Even though there is a likelihood that the book could still exist, it is challenging to establish the impacts of these aspects to its establishment. The arguments by Niall are rarely accepted by the mainstream. A greater percentage of these objections and second thoughts are probably driven by Niall’s intelligence and historical interests evident from his confident predictions. In one of the predictions, Niall claims that the Germans never won the war because the British Expeditionary had been sent (458). Moreover, Niall also suggests that had Britain stayed out of the war just for a matter of weeks; entire continental Europe could have been transformed into something different from the current European Union (459). It needs not to be told that establishing the strengths and weaknesses of these predictions is far from possibility. The first part of the prediction tends to rule out a

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