Critical Analysis of Euthanasia

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THESIS: The incentives to legalize euthanasia are fairly attractive however euthanasia should not be approved because it poses a universal threat to human life. Arguments for euthanasia. It is part of the freedom of expression for individuals and groups. Right to live also includes right to die. Rules against killing would regulate the use of euthanasia. The best decision would be the one which yields the best results (utilitarianism). Arguments against euthanasia Religious beliefs forbade the killing of people. Euthanasia diminishes human dignity. Legalization becomes a gateway for criminal activities Alternative use of palliative care Conclusion Euthanasia should not be approved because it places the lives of human beings at risk. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The research poses a query on whether euthanasia, the deliberate termination of the life of a critically ill patient, is ethical. Several reasons arise against and in support of the procedure. The body of the paper consists of evidence about merits and demerits of legalization. Proposers argue that it is a constitutional right to choose whether to live or die under certain medical conditions. This section continues to suggest that regulation of euthanasia is possible and would yield better results for patients. In contrast, religious individuals view the matter as murder and state that it is sinful. More so, the act devalues human life and creates a leeway for criminal activities in future. An alternative revolving on palliative care is proposed to relieve pain for patients. Consequently, euthanasia is revoked as a medical procedure which poses a danger to the human race because people are capable of using it for financial

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