Cristian and Sebastian of in “Senor X” and “The Good Brother”

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Student’s name Institutional affiliation Date Cristian and Sebastian of in “Senor X” and “The Good Brother” In “The Faith Healer of Olive Avenue” by Manuel Munoz, Cristian of “Senor X” and Sebastian of “The Good Brother” battle and proceed forward with their future due to the many occurrences and the current state of their conditions. Nonetheless, personally, I trust that Cristian's and Sebastian's blame past circumstances and history happen to be keeping them away from opportunities of a future. For Cristian, he strongly has it that he is a victim of his history while Sebastian is firmly held back by the adolescence recollections that appear to occupy most of his thinking. Many individuals battle pushing ahead when something appalling and surprising has meddled with their lives. Such scenarios with terrible experience often lack heartbreaking moments thus equips the entity with a cumulative unusual power. The characters would, therefore, be left with instances of blame and recollections that they decline to relinquish. Sebastian and Cristian are very similar in that they are both abandoning the history they have and completely acquiring new forms of living with a forecast of a new structure of life ahead. In the story "The Good Brother" Sebastian takes care of little Chris. And besides, Sebastian battles to go on living his life and the future because of his history and his mom's demolished capacity to be self-dependent. It appeared that his sibling moved out the moment he found the open door. Sebastian, the famous sibling, gave up his chance at a real future to administer to his mom. Even though it appears Sebastian's mother's

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