criminal justice

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Web Trip 3 Short essay 1.1 One of the most interesting career in criminal justice is being a polygraph examiner. I would like my fellow students to know that the job is exciting because the attendants receive training on how to use the instruments especially in jobs related to law enforcement. Also, it uses human behavior to expose the truth. Short essay 1.2 Currently, a viral quote was made by US present Donald Trump relating to the African countries. In one of his speech, he described African people as ‘shitholes’. Although the president said it, media has sensationalized it in the news making it resemble a big insult. Though president may not have meant what people think he had intended because of the way media has exaggerated. I think media should avoid embellishing whatever they found to avoid creating division and hatred amongst people. Short essay 2.1 The following are some silly laws in Florida, which can land one to the hands of law. It is illegal to be caught singing in public especially when wearing a swimsuit. Using a property that is no longer in use to maintain a car is prohibited. It is illegal to sell ice cream in a cemetery. Short essay 3.1 The following are the ten Bill of Rights in the constitution of United States. The first amendment requires that no law should go against people who exercise their religion, freedom of speech and expression of the press. The change applies to me because I need freedom of expression. The second amendment states that people should respect the arms of government as it is well regulated by the state. It applies to me because I have to respect the arms of the government. The third amendment needs all the

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