Criminal Justice Ethnics

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Criminal Justice Name Institution Course Date Part 1 a) I would write down the incident to make sure that I have a record of what was happening. Keeping a record of the event will be my defense in case the probationer decides to report the matter, therefore, indicating that I was not a part of the insults ("Today’s Prisoners - Ethical Considerations for Research Involving Prisoners - NCBI Bookshelf," n.d.). b) I would advise my fellow officer to stop the relationship since they are violating the code of conduct. It is unethical to date a probationer hence I would encourage the probation officer to wait until the probation has been terminated before they can move in with the probationer ("Ethical Issues in the Field of Probation," n.d.). c) I would have a forum with the officer and talk to her about the importance of meeting her targets and educate her on how to be organized (In Arrigo, 2014). d) I would talk to him about ways to avoid sleeping at work, therefore, ensuring that he attains his goals. References Ethical Issues in the Field of Probation. (n.d.). Retrieved from In Arrigo, B. A. (2014). Encyclopedia of criminal justice ethics. Today’s Prisoners - Ethical Considerations for Research Involving Prisoners - NCBI Bookshelf. (n.d.). Retrieved from Part 2 There are two major themes addressed in the book. The first theme deals with power and authority in the criminal justice structures. The second topic discussed in the book is ethical issues when it comes to leadership (Pollock, 2014). These two themes are intertwined since leaders

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