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Crime Scene Processing Student Name Institution Things Done When Processing a Scene Processing is an essential step in crime scene investigation. Through this action, the crime scene technician looks for evidence. The evidence can either be physical or testimonial. Furthermore, the crime scene technicians recognise, assess, and gather physical evidence from the scene for further analysis at the laboratories. Processing, as a step, involves other sub-steps that include careful examination, note taking, sketching, photography and finally collection of evidence. Below is an explanation of some of the aspects of crime scene investigation. As some criminal justice scholars claim, note taking is one...

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crime scene that calls for the attention of a police officer or detective. There exist various actions taken to be taken by the agent in charge of the crime scene. Therefore, the officer should possess eloquent crime scene management skills, which will help in the collection of viable evidence. The evidence from a crime includes the testimonies of the witnesses, photographs taken at the crime scene, exhibits (physical) a brief analysis of the crime scene, and an analysis of the evidence collected. These paper analyses the process and protocol observed to manage an imaginary homicide crime scene. The paper outlines the most significant actions taken, their importance, as well as the consequences,...