Crime Scene investigation

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Name Instructor Course Date Crime scene Investigation Abstract This lab report seeks to determine the cause of death of the Victim and exactly try’s to establish who is responsible for Nina’s death. There are four identified suspects whose blood is being tested and compared with blood found at the murder scene. Moreover, the site of the accident has fluids samples. The kitchen floor formed the crime scene 1 while the fluid samples found on the victim formed the second crime scene. Through carefully lab report, the exact suspect responsible for the death of the victim will be identified. This will be determined by looking at the different DNA samples. The suspects have varying blood types A, AB, and B while the victim has blood type O which is a universal donor. The determination of the suspect will involve looking at the specific blood type at the scene of the accident or death, determination of the form of clumping of blood mixture due to blood contact and the matching of the blood against those of the suspects. Introduction Nina has been murdered. There are suspects attached to the case with one, in particular, being suspected to be at the scene of the accident. The prime suspect Joseph is of blood type A- while there are other three suspects, Chris, Lisa and Thomas whose relationship with the victim before the death is known. The lab report, therefore, seeks to identify who was involved in the death of the victim. Chris frequently quarrels with his girlfriend might have resulted in him killing his girlfriend, or the secretary might have been involved in the plot to kill the victim to. Hypothesis Through the lab testing and report. Then results are

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