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Student’s Name: Instructor’s Name: Course: Date: Reminiscing a Heart-Breaking Past “Goodbye honey, have a nice day in school and work hard” shouted my mom as I rushed towards the school bus that waited with its door open on the tarmac road at the end of our lawn. My step-brother and step-sister had already entered the bus but I had remembered that I needed my storybook that I had left in the house that day since I would later go to the library. My step brother and sister were twins who were about three years older than me. Their mother had separated with our dad a year after their birth and she had left them with their dad. A year later their dad had married my mom and thus I was born. My mother was a caring and loving parent to all the three of us just as it was the case with our dad. Usually, kind sentiments by my mother usually soothed and comforted me. However, during this particular day, her kind sentiments anchored my heart down with guilt. As I sat on the school bus on my way to school, I felt a dark cloud looming over my head. However, I told myself everything would work out as it had during the previous incidences that I had stolen my parents’ money. It was the third time in my life that I had stolen from my parents. It was not like I had developed a habit of stealing from them, but rather once in a while, a group activity came up that even I could not afford to say no to it. The first time I did it I needed money to go to a recreation park during the weekend with friends. My father being a casual laborer in the construction industry could only afford the basics of living in the city which he proudly provided for his family. My mom’s pottery

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