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The Facts in Creative Non-Fiction Name Institution Affiliation Date The statement that "it is impossible to have an exact duplication," is true. This is because, in every narrative that is written down, the attitudes and opinions of the writer influence the contents. In every circumstance, an individual is bound to harbor various prejudices regardless of how faintly these prejudices are expressed. These expressions affect the tone of the essay. This does not mean that writers must be deemed unreliable since most of the information contained in creative non-fiction is true. However, the reader must always determine the extent to which an author exaggerates or contracts the reality to ensure that they communicate the most relevant facts to them. While factors may be presented accurately, the proposal that the author wants to make with their work influences the dimension of information that is expressed. A good example is Danticat’s ‘Brother; I Am Dying' narrative. In this text, the author provides a critical analysis of socio-political issues affecting individuals in both Haiti and the US in this period. Danticat is very effective especially since she does not tag the reader's sentiment to decide over various issues. Her writing presents what the narrator went through and leaves the reader to judge the experience. However, even with such exquisite writing, some level of prejudice must exist in the filling in that influences the experience of a reader. For example, Danticat's book concentrates on emphasizing the influence of her parents and especially male parents in her life. This is a debatable social factor and probably, another writer would have chosen

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