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Political Campaign for George Welch Author’s Name Institutional Affiliation This essay is a sample campaign trail piece for a fictional candidate (George Welch) for the position of mayor in University Park, Illinois. Invention of George Welch’s personality and demographic characteristics Born and raised in the city of University Park – a home to over 7,000 Americans and one of the region’s few planned communities – George Welch is a 55-year-old male, loyal and patriotic American citizen aspiring to be a mayor in the same village he was born in, University Park University Park, Illinois (2016). Welch academic prowess is outstanding and can be traced back to his primary school years at Reed-Custer Primary School and later enrolled at Phoenix Military Academy High School. Welch exemplary performance was later manifested when he won a US government scholarship award to the Harvard Law School. Welch has served as a top-notch legal professional for the US government for over fifteen years, standing out as an exclusively charismatic, enthusiastic, industrious, honest, integral, and competent lawyer. Welch is an honest, compassion, integral, confident, flexible and politically competent American. Welch manifested several instances of honesty and justice for all as a lawyer, therefore, has the high credibility to entrust with public office. For instance, his firm stance on corruption was outstanding. Welch has also manifested high compassion considering the several projects he has engaged in. For example, Welch went beyond his call of duty to offer relief food to hunger stricken Americans in various parts of University Park and University Park. Welch has also

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