Covert Racism

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Name Instructor English 101 Date The bluest eye: An analysis of covert racism. Morrison’s “The Bluest Eye” is a story about the sad effects of racial discrimination, or better known as covert racism set in post-depression America. It’s the story of Pecola, A young girl who grows up in a family deeply scarred by racial segregation. Her father, abandoned at a tender age and damaged by the actions of two white men, defiles her twice, making her pregnant but the baby dies. Her mother is lame and due to a lifetime of isolation welcomes constant of beatings from Pecola’s father as a way of proving that she is imperfect and unwanted. She feels alive when doing heavy work in a white household (Morrison,139). Pecola also has issues about her ethnicity. She believes that she is ugly because of her race, and desires to have blue eyes so that she can be acceptable (Morison, N.p). In the end, she goes mad due to the damage caused by her traumatic life. This tragic narrative is a real world template from which we can draw out parallels with what is happening in today’s society. Racism has taken a form that not only encourages the malignant treatment of people of color, but it also instills a fallacy in the fabric of society which portrays blacks as second-grade humans and whites as more valuable and more worthy of universal respect. This can be seen in the way government organizations treat the various races. Police brutality against blacks is a common phenomenon, which points to the underlying fact that whites in today’s society attribute criminal culpability to blacks only (Claudia,72). The notion is very dangerous since

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