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Coursework Final Exam Student’s Name Institution affiliation Question One When selecting and implementing an assessment or testing program for the purpose of employee selection and staffing, the following elements should be taken into consideration. Firstly, the evaluation program should depict a trait of reliability. The act helps to demonstrate the consistency of scores achieved when the same applicants are reexamined with a similar assessment test. Secondly, the aspect of validity on the relationship between the performance on an evaluation and the performance on the job should be taken into consideration. Validity is a vital element to cogitate when determining whether to use a particular evaluation device. Thus, an assessment that does not offer valuable statistics about how a person will work on the business is of no significance to a corporation (Gilbert, Winne, & Sels, 2015). Similarly, an assessment program should employ the latest technology when selecting and implementing the technique for the purpose of employee selection and staffing. The act helps to narrow down the applicant pool through the application of online screening of resumes or online biographical data tests. The aspect of technology can also enable a corporation to overcome distance challenges and allow agencies to reach and interview a large number of applicants. Lastly, a testing program should take into consideration the legal context of assessment. The different types of assessment tests include mental and physical ability tests, achievement tests, biodata inventories, employment interviews, personality inventories, honesty and integrity measures, education and experience

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