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Organizational theories and concepts Name Institutional Affiliation Organizational theories and their concepts TheoryConcept Classical organization theory specifically designed, formal structure and a consistent, a rigid organizational network of employees. Human relations theory Assumption that all employees want to feel useful and important, that employees have strong social needs, and that these needs are more important than money in motivating employees (Griffin & Moorhead, 2010, p.85) Feminist theories Emphasis on interpersonal relationships and respect for each other rights including use of a gender filter, empowerment,the personal as political, the importance of process, and diversity is the strength. Cultural perspective Emphasis on the assumption that each organization develops a unique mixture of values, standards, presumptions, and practices about how things Should be done that eventually result in predictable performance. 5. Political –economy theory Emphasis on organizational adaptation to the external environment, with a focus on resources and a constant

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