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Social WorkName of Student Name of Institution 1. Task groups - G 2. Teams – L 3. Treatment groups - D 4. Delegate councils – B 5. Support groups - K 6. Board of Directors – F 7. Educational groups – E 8. Growth groups- C 9. Administrative groups - A 10. Treatment Conference – J 11. Committees- H 12. Socialization groups- I 13. Social action groups – M 14. Therapy groups - O 15. Staff Development groups – N Task groups are found in a macro social environment, and their role is to meet the needs of a community, family, groups, organizations, or an individual. They apply the dynamic group principles to develop ideas and plans, solve problems, and meet various goals. Task groups are classified into eight categories formed according to the role played. For example, there those that cater to the community, organizational, and clients need. For instance, the groups that meet the needs of a client include staff development groups, treatment conferences, and teams. A team is composed of individuals who work interdependently and collaboratively to achieve a specific goal. The members of the team must be committed and ready to work together on behalf of the clients. Treatment conferences are made up of teams who often meet to coordinate, monitor, and establish plans on behalf of the clients. They may involve internal or external staff and professionals depending on whether the agencies match the service provision. On the other hand, staff development groups improve the skills of the worker to help them offer quality services to the clients (Kirst-Ashman, 2012). Unlike team conferences, staff development groups are composed of the internal

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