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Course Reflection Name of Student Name of Institution Course Reflection Enrolling in an eLearning course was one of my best experiences as it impacted my personal growth immensely. Throughout the course, I experienced only a few challenges particularly due to the management of deadlines. There are few times when I would be slightly late in uploading my assignments. Regardless, I improved my time management skills within a short period of time. The learning process of the course was, however, quite smooth as I had easy access to the reading material(s) at all times. They were readily available and I did not have to endure the pressure to searching for them to complete my assignments. Often, I have realized that I get uncomfortable learning amidst a large group of people. The eLearning opportunity made it possible for me to acquire knowledge at my own pace without worrying about distraction from other learners. Personally, also, eLearning impacted my Information Technology (IT) skills positively as I managed to grasp various skills due to a vast utilization of computers. Having knowledge in IT is key in today’s era thus, exposure to an eLearning course worked to my advantage in personal growth . There were important takeaways from this course. Inevitably, people have an understanding that eLearning is affiliated with the idea(s) of digital citizenship. It is the duty of individuals in these cyberspaces to have a grasp of their working mechanism(s). Additionally, there is the need to realize that both teachers and students are classified under this bracket of “digital citizenship.” Another important takeaway revolved around the idea(s) of diversification in

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