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Courage Student’s Name Institution Affiliation Courage “Let another man praise thee, and not thine own mouth.” Those were the words of King Solomon (Lima, 2016). Though I am conscious of the fact that praising oneself might sometimes look odd, there are some traits which am very convinced that I possess. One such quality is courage. The world has become very harsh and unforgiving. In the world of today, people who look as innocent as a lamb are potential aggressors. To succeed in such an environment, one must be resilient, bold, and fearless like me. I was, however, not born courageous. In fact, throughout my time in elementary school, my parents always accused me of being timid. The justification for their claims is that I would look down whenever they were introducing me to their friends. Nonetheless, people change (Lima, 2016). The turning point was on a sunny Wednesday afternoon when I was in high school. Our school was known all over the county and the lands beyond due to our athletic prowess. In that year, we were the reigning champions. Though I was not in the team that marched to glory in the previous year, I was working hard and waiting for my turn. About three months before this fateful day, something that left sadness all over our faces had happened; our dean, Mr. Peterson retired. Peterson was a darling of many students. We loved him for his fun and charisma. He had a special relationship with the athletics team. He always accompanied the team to tournaments and rewarded all winners handsomely. There was now a new dean in office. He had been there for almost three months. In the three months, the mood of the school had changed. There were

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