Counterfeit Self

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Economic and social shifts are things that we experience each day. With the current trend in fashion, one has to look for ways to satisfy their desires. The cheap markets may have provided the consumers with a solution to their problems but provide counterfeit products. People opt for such products because they want to feel wealthier than they are. However, it is asserted that such products have direct negative impact on the users. The results of the four experiments indicated that using a counterfeit product makes a person dishonest. From the four experiments, people who wore counterfeit sunglasses were indicated to cheat more than their counterparts who wore authentic sunglasses. It was observed that in a quiz, those with fake sunglasses at the least lied about their performance. The research also indicated that using fake product affects one’s authenticity. The product leads one to make a poor judgment which translates to dishonesty. This makes a person feel alienated from the larger society. Further, it was found out that counterfeit products make a person to view other people’s behavior as dishonest. These stances are a result of one feeling fake. Hence, they misjudge others which make them unethical. The experiment involved a random choice of sunglasses and offered each the freedom of choice. It was found out that choice did not affect the results. The cost of counterfeit products is less than that of authentic. Hence, most people opt for fake products in the name of saving while compromising quality. Unfortunately, such adverse effects are not known to the consumer. Buyers should therefore not adopt counterfeit goods as it may result in adverse

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