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Name of Student Name of Instructor Course Code Date of Submission The plan for managing the parents of the players The parents of the players should be supportive of their children. To ensure that the parents support their children, I should plan the following to manage the guardians of players. First I would involve the parents of the players in a social program together with the youth. A social activity like the parent-athlete competition is best for the parents to play against their children. This increase the morale of the children and the parents would appreciate their children for their talent (Hembree-Kigin, 50). The parents then should be asked for funds to support their children. Second, I will provide information to the parents on how they should guide their children who are players. The methods on how the parents should treat their athletes should be well taught. The program should provide the guidelines on how the parents should provide guidelines and rules to grow the career of their player children. My strategy in working and communicating with parents The best strategy of communicating and working with the parents is through the social meetings or programs. The parents should be scheduled to attend the meetings together with their player children when they are free or during the holidays. The interaction of the parent-player relationship can be enhanced through social activities in the community such as tournaments (Hembree-Kigin, 30). During such events, the parents should then be educated on the importance of supporting the children who are talented in games. Will you use parents as coaches? I will use parents as the coaches during the

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