Corruption is a global security threat

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Name Professor Title Date Corruption Is a Global Security Threat Corruption refers to illegal or dishonest behavior exclusively by powerful individuals such as police officers or government officials. Political corruption involves the use of authority by government executives for unlawful private gain. There are various forms of corruption which include extortion, nepotism, bribery, cronyism, graft, patronage, embezzlement, influence peddling, and parochialism. Corruption could facilitate illegal enterprise like money laundering, drug, and human trafficking, although it isn’t limited to these undertakings. Unrestricted political corruption is referred to as a kleptocracy, factually meaning “rule of thieves.” Corruption leads to various crimes in a society and therefore, it threatens global security. Sarah Chayes describes why the world’s clashes raging nowadays don’t stem from pious extremism. But there is another reason which is corruption in government. Corruption has stretched such a range that some regimes resemble glorified illicit gangs, bent exclusively on their private enrichment. These kleptocrats motivate indignant populaces to extremes going from revolution to radical puritanical religion. Chayes explains most corruptible environments on the globe and scrutinizes what emerges. Egyptians dethroning the government headed by Mubarak, Afghans going back to the Taliban, and Nigerians taking on both radical Islamist terror assembly known as Boko Haram and enthusiastic Christianity. In numerous such places, inflexible ethical codes are prioritized as a remedy to the ruin of civic integrity. In Egypt, the protesters really wanted the stolen money

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