Corporate Social Responsibility

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Corporate Social Responsibilities Name Institution Corporate Social Responsibilities The transport sector has been significantly changing in regards to their method of operations. The concept of corporate social responsibility is being adopted by many transportation and logistics firms. Currently, various transportation companies are incorporating the element of corporate social responsibilities such as influencing employee training, youth training in the society, urban renewal project such as financing the repair of damaged roads or drainages, sponsoring environment campaign, involving the community in their practices and other philanthropy missions (Leon and Juan, 2014). Consequently, there are various ways which the companies benefit from their corporate social responsibility missions. For example, the company benefit through increasing their competitive edge with other firms (Leon and Juan, 2014). Companies with strong CSR mission have acquired more clients compared to firms that do not practice any. The company also benefited from increased staff satisfaction rate that always reduces the rate of employee turnover rate. The company also creates a positive publicity within the community, and this makes their firm popular (Leon and Juan, 2014). In short, the benefit obtained justifies the expenses involved in the entire CSR missions done within the company. In Canada, a logistic company named Molson Coors Canada has utilized many corporate social responsibility services to advance its services. For example, this year, they invested heavily in the responsible drinking education campaign. This primary mission was to influence the community against

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