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Economically and ethically speaking, is it fair to charge different people different costs? Price discrimination, according to economists, should be shunned despite the economic and ethical issues at hand. It is both illegal and unethical to charge different people a different cost for a similar product. When consumers are offered fixed prices, the demand is bound to increase, thereby, creating room for the development of a given business. Research has delineated and reiterated the unethicality involved with price discrimination and its tenets. Most times, sellers discriminate their customers based on race, religion and gender, among others. It is important to treat every consumer equally so as to attract a greater number. Ethically speaking, price discrimination should only be allowed through the customer’s consent. Selling similar products differently may attract poor demand due to the powerful nature associated with word of mouth in the business. When other customers are aware of such prejudice, they search for other sellers. There is a greater concern regarding online businesses due to the inability of customers to witness price discrimination. When the transactions are carried out offline, it is possible for individuals to know the fixed prices of various commodities. It is quite unfortunate that online transactions increase the prevalence of price discrimination both economically and ethically. Economically speaking, there is room for consumers to acquire goods and services for different prices. It is important to maintain firm competition through supplying commodities to distinct consumers. Due to differences in requirements, it is fair for these suppliers to

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