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copyright issues. It allows the user to view all the traffic on an interface that has the toolkit. It can also be used to analyze packets that have been captured on a remote machine. Another analyst tool is a Digital Forensics Framework (DFF). It is open-source software that can be used by both non-experts and professionals. It is a tool that is used to collect digital evidence from a computer or computer network (Luo, 2977). The tool does not compromise the systems and data, meaning that it performs digital investigations in a remote way. Among the features that it contains are live search, recursive view, bookmarking, and tagging. Work Cited Luo, Wen-Hua. "Malware analysis method based on...

Forever 21


copyright infringement lawsuits filed against it by different organizations. While some cases failed to reach an end, some successfully resulted in Forever 21 having to settle outside the court, a process that involved parting away with a percentage of sales made for the product in question. These settlements had a significant impact on the overall profit expectations for the company. In conclusion, Forever 21 is a successful fashion company with its branches distributed internationally. The firm’s approach includes fast fashion in which it acquires and stocks its stores with trendy wears as fast as they come and at a considerably low price. Also, Forever 21 has an expansion plan involving...

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