copyright and freedom of infomation

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Copyright and Freedom of Information Part 1 A Copyright infringement can be a very costly action to anyone in the eyes of the law. The rise of technology has made it one of the hardest laws to enforce. Even those who are staunch law abiding citizens find themselves breaking it either unknowingly or because it is the shortest route to information. Media practitioners and students have a variety of options to help them avoid infringing this law. The best way is to always ask for permission from the legal owners of the content either by buying it or having an agreement with them. You can also decide to rewrite the ideas in your own words if possible before releasing the content to the public. It is not advisable to use large portions of someone else’s ideas. For instance, rewriting part of a book word for word and giving it out for commercial purpose is an offense. In such scenario, it would be prudent to credit the owner or come to some sort of legal agreement with the author of the content. It would also be a good idea, especially for students, to take advantage of ‘fair use’ policy. This is copyright law that allows limited use of a copyrighted content without specifically asking for permission from the owner. This law applies only when the consumer uses the content for noncommercial purpose. Part 1 B I agree with you that copyright infringement is hard to monitor. This has even become tougher for the authorities considering that many people use the now improved technology to get access to information illegally. For instance, YouTube has put in place strict rules to avoid any illegal use of original content. However, many YouTube users have come up with

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