Cooper Hewitt

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Name: Professor: Course: Date: Using Scrap to Redefine American Creativity Creative arts takes various forms of development but with one ultimate goal, development from a skills perspective. The initiative taken by Cooper-Hewitt to promote raw talent through creativity in using the scrap materials is one very useful way in which the American society can benefit from its pure street talent and fine arts. Many of the scrap materials used to make products of value from what many people have considered scrap would have created environmental pollution. The use of the scarp in the creative arts thus also saves the environment from wanton pollutants. The products that the artist makes from the scrap are so fine-tuned that they can be sold out to many other people like ornaments and home decors. Some other artists have the capability to make social garments that can fetch very profitable values in the markets. The street creativity is a win-win initiative that helps to preserve the environment, as well as give the economic value of the arts. The creative reuse of the scrap is a far much better way to handle the disposable wastes than even the need to recycle. However, both recycling and creative use in the fine artistry provide green environmental solutions that would help in the development of a healthy living environment. It is an initiative that should be encouraged by most people in influential positions. The people especially the leaders can thus mobilize the collection of waste and scraps materials and use them to make quality products among the talented but jobless youths. The aesthetic beauty that the fine arts create from scrap is a true indication that where

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