Cooking As a Transformational Tool

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Cooking transforms an individual in many different ways. Right from the intention, and even through the process of cooking, various literary creations depict the transformation as an intricate part of cooking. Banana Yoshimoto’s Kitchen and Robert Allan’s Ramen Girl are illustrations of the transformative effect of cooking. People learn to cook for different reasons. These reasons are a depiction of the prevailing states of these characters, who want to escape these states into more admirable or acceptable states. In this way, the intention to cook marks the first step in the journey of transformation. Some people learn to cook because they love the cuisine and want to possess the skill that produces that object of their gratification. In Ramen Girl, Abby falls in love with the Ramen and decides to learn how to cook it CITATION Mur08 l 2057 (Ackerman). Also, people learn to cook because it is a representation of achievement. Abby learns to be better to impress the ramen store owner and even learns harder to win the blessings of the food connoisseur CITATION Mur08 l 2057 (Ackerman). For other people, cooking is a source of comfort. In Kitchen, Mikage Sakurai spends time in the kitchen after her grandmother dies to find some comfort CITATION Yos88 l 2057 (Yoshimoto). Participating in kitchen duties gives her a sense of purpose. Cooking for Yuchi’s family makes life worth living for her once again. The learning process of cooking is the real journey of transformation. This process involves a lot of resilience and is replete with transformative interactions. One has to be willing to put up with a lot to learn. Abby has to endure washing toilets for very long just to

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