Controlling and Improving Performance

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1. Using the control methods outlined in this chapter, explain how you would set standards and expectations for reducing disparities. Tim Hank has a role in managing and facilitating a better performance of care system at Southern regional health care. He is obliged to monitor the performance of specific duties and activities as well as taking corrective measures when necessary. The provision of health care in this region ought to be useful with equality in its provision regardless of color, ethnicity, and background. The health care workers will gain awareness on the need for equal treatment across the population to reduce disparities. A review of the conduct of healthcare employees and providers will be carried out to emphasize on proper follow-up of rules and regulations. Further, this will facilitate a reduction in the gap between the patients receiving recommended heart failure care. The composition of staff working in these areas has to be structured with high numbers being those who belong to the dominant group in this area. 2. Using the methods outlined in this chapter, explain how you would measure and judge how well the standards and expectations are met. Monitoring and judging performance is a crucial step in controlling as it enables managers makes considerations for change in areas that need to be improved. The expectations and standards set will be analyzed and compared to actual results to assess both quantitative and qualitative measure. The real number of heart failure patients in this hospital who receives recommended health care will be compared to the set expectations. Also, a percentage of the patients who receives discharge instructions will be

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