Containment, Expansionism and the Cold War

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Containment and expansionism were terms used for policies adopted by the U.S and Russia respectively. This paper evaluates containment and expansion and the interaction of the U.S. and the Soviet Union during the Cold War. The American Policy of “Containment” was successful in ending Soviet Union’s Policy of expansionism. Do you agree or not? Containment was an American policy and military strategy used by the U.S. to stop the Soviet Union from expanding their territory during the Cold War CITATION Tsy13 l 1089 (Tsygankov). Expansionism refers to a policy of territorial expansion and increasing economic influence, usually, though not necessarily through the use of military aggression. Containment policy was both successful and unsuccessful in ending Soviet Unions policy of expansionism. The Soviet Union had successfully exploded the nuclear bomb in 1949, and won the Korean War in 1950. This put the U.S in a delicate position as it brought to the table a serious threat to U.S national security. Adopting this policy was, therefore, a response to the Soviet Union’s aggressive posture. The U.S policy makers came up with the policy of containment that would spread over five decades. The policy held strong until the collapse of the Soviet Union, thus pointing partly to its success. The containment policy was successful because it helped to bankrupt the Union in many ways. The Soviet Union could not expand its sphere of influence and their nuclear power diminished. This bankruptcy eventually led to an end of the union. Due to this policy, the U.S made a pact that would keep the Chinese from the Soviet Union. In this way, China became a threat to the Soviet Union. This

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