Consumers need to safeguard their own privacy

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THE NEED FOR CONSUMERS TO SAFEGUARD THEIR PRIVACY Student Name Course Due Date The advancement in technology has made things very easy for consumers. Of all inventions, the internet has had the most significant influence on consumers’ way of life. The internet now rules almost all spheres of a consumer life. Business transactions are nowadays carried out in the comfort of one’s house through various e-commerce platforms that have been facilitated by the internet. Social networking sites such as Twitter have become the newest ways through which product information reaches the consumer. Companies are willing and ready to invest highly in social media advertising with the confidence that returns are guaranteed. However, for most of these activities, consumers find themselves having to disclose much personal and private information leading to the breach of their privacy.The Past and recent incidences of information misuse and the getting hold of it by unauthorized persons have lead to serious concerns regarding the protection of this information by businesses and the government. Consumers have also become apprehensive about the need for sharing this information. These incidences prove that consumers need to protect their own privacy as the government and businesses are no longer concerned and therefore cannot be trusted. Privacy can be referred to as one’s ability to control the use of personal information by other parties as well as the access to such information.Internet privacy is, therefore, the privacy concerning data transmissions and Internet transactions. While privacy is a fundamental human right in all most all countries, consumers have discovered

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