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The reason for choosing this topic is because it is a trending issue and has been the subject of discussion for a while now. In most economies which are advanced, pre-recession consumer behavior resulted from more than 15 years of constant affluence. Therefore, everybody is curious to know what the post-recession consumer will look like. In another word, this article was chosen because it explains whether or not consumers will go back to pre-recession expenditure and continue stimulating new growth in the economy to come. Through the article, it is easy to understand whether consumers will change their behaviors, and thus changing the next stage of national and international development in the economy (Alioto, 130). Therefore, studying this topic makes us understand that recessions are different regarding their causes, their depth and the persons affected most. According to the article, many analysts and futurists in economy believe that were in the midst of essential standard to the greatest depression of the 1930s. The article starts by discussing the consumer-purchasing model. For a very long time, people have had the notion that consumer spending and buying of common non-reusable and durable goods was a major driver of economic growth and expansion. Similarly, significant weaknesses have been uncovered in the domestic economy as it recounts to consumer purchasing behaviors and routines (Alioto, 130). However, according to the article, we have taken a path that is global in nature due to the current recession. Therefore, it is very evident that manufacturers will be challenged by the new consumer as we proceed to the post-recession period. This could be the

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