Constitution of the United States

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1). The Constitution of the United States, under article II, section 2 and on the second clause, the President is fully empowered to appoint the specific public officials but with the advice and approval of the Senate. The privilege mentioned above enables the President to nominate federal judges whether male or the female so long as the Senate will approve it. In this case, the President has many Senates on his/her side and can refuse to appoint men. In essence, no legal law bars him/her to appoint only one gender. 2). If the federal judge who had initially upheld the right to abortion permitted to adjudicate on the case then this would lead to a conflict of interest. The United States Constitution establishes a clause that provides for disqualification of judges if there is an approving conflict of interest that may affect the outcome of the case. This means the presiding judge must be completely free from impeding conflict of interest to reduce chances of questioning the court outcome. Owing to this, the federal judge appointment by Clinton should not hear the case. 3). The state’s right connotes to the political powers that each US state government has been given. The mentioned powers enabled the Congress to come up with laws that are within the bill of rights. However, the states are not allowed to establish laws that are meant to interfere with the individual rights. As it stands, the states are devoid of the power to legislate on regulating abortion. In this respect, Clinton is likely to win the case. The decision of the Governor is challengeable before the Supreme Court. 4). According to the U.S Supreme Court, it is only the federal government that is empowered

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