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conspiracy which had led to the killing of the CUP leaders. Another conspiracy was organized by the empire where Von der Goltz, the leader of the German Military survived. During these secret conspiracies against the Germans, the Ottoman army was strong and stable. Enver Pasha, Talat Pasha, and Cemal Pasha were the leaders of the Ottoman military (Sanborn 289). They kept the army firm by uniting different units of the Ottoman Empire. The empire engaged in the war with an intention of overrunning Georgia, capturing north-western Persia, occupying the oil fields and capturing and taking control over Kars as well as the Batum. While in the middle of the war with the Russians, the...

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conspiracy. In 2010, Ganias made a motion to suppress the computer files that were subject to the appeal (Gajek, 2016). Thompson held a two-day hearing at the district court and denied the motion with an indication that a written decision was to follow. Later, the court made a filing of its written decision with explanations as to why it denied Gania’s motion for suppressing. In 2010, the case was transferred to Judge Ellen Burns for trial. In 2012, Judge Burns sentenced Gania to twenty months in prison but he was released pending an appeal. The case against the defendant was losing its validity slowly. Conclusion To sum up, the government violated Gania’s fourth amendment rights by...

Billy Budd


conspiracy or should he keep silent and formulate a way to come up with a solution. Similarly, the demonstration aims at advising us that innocence is better than knowledge and experience in the world since it only exists after death and followed by triumphs. The book depicts on how Billy is branded a traitor and killed. His shipmates had a different view, and they kept a trail of the pole in which he was slung until it befits a “mere dock-yard boom; to them, a chip of it was as a piece of the Cross” (Melville and Freeman, 87). Therefore, despite the death of Billy, his innocence will remain alive since it shall change the lives of many sailors for a long time. Question Two Melville portrays...

conspiracy against the Sherman Antitrust Act which protects customers from corrupt collusion. Spencer’s argument is that since Uber claims that its drivers are independent contractors, then they should not conspire secretly over how much they should charge their consumers, and since they are doing so, then it amounts to price fixing since the app enables all the independent drivers to have identical prices. The suit has a number of implications. If the suit was to go against Uber, the company stands to pay millions of dollars in penalties. According to Steinbaum (1), the firm reached a settlement provision of $100 million with its drivers in Massachusetts and California in April 2016. This is an...

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