consider examples of group communication within the United States Congress

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Group Communication Student’s name University Abstract Effective communication in formal groups is a concern for every organization. The Congress has adopted various communication models within the communication ecosystem to ensure their views are adequately articulated. The Congress uses social media, their website, and media firms to air their activities to the public while also ensuring each member of the House articulates their views through the use of technology such as speech pads that ensure easier allocation of time to members to air their views. The USA has thousands of formal groups such as choirs, learning groups, departmental groups in a company; committees of the Congress and social groups. The Tuckman’s development stages highlight the steps groups undergo before being fully developed. The group evolves from forming to storming, eventually changing from norming to performance. The changes illustrate the growth potential of groups. Cultural differences and groupthink adversely affect communication in the Congress. Open dialogue, regular training and enforcing new models of communication through the internet will enhance effective communication in formal groups. Communication is an essential element in the society. Individuals and companies consistently use communication tools to inform and influence people to purchase or recommend products to others. The success of social media in ensuring people communicate seamlessly across the globe shows that communication is a critical component in the society. Modern communication devices such as radios, television, and mobile phones have eased communication among individuals. Similarly, multinational

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