Consensus in Group Decision Making

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Consensus in Group Decision Making In life, people are often faced with circumstances that require them to make a decision on what option to take among a number of different ones. This is specifically challenging if it is a group setting as varied opinions may arise. In such a case, the consensus is often considered to ensure the decision made is not bent towards one side. Going with a unanimous agreement in a difficult situation may have a positive or negative outcome accordingly. The alternative opted for should, therefore, be supported by all even though it may not settle down well with some of the persons concerned. Consideration and weighing of all options are thus necessary to have as many people as possible backing up the solution. Despite its shortcomings, participatory decision making is preferred to non-collaborative as the conclusion drawn will be based on a comparison of information, research, and thoughts of different individuals hence less biased. Consensus in Group Decision Making Consensus is not always a good way for groups to make decisions because most of the time the decision made is the one that the majority dislikes the least. People tend to follow the majority’s lead even though they might not agree with what they are following (Robin & Judge, 2015). In a video by Heroicimagination TV (2012), Asch Conformity Experiment reveals that although people knew the correct answer, they decided to go by what the majority said. This experiment can be associated with the fact that when making decisions through a consensus, most people feel the need to follow the crowd and not what they think is the correct decision. In addition, I believe that when

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