Consciousness – ‘Why are we conscious?

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Consciousness: Why are we Conscious? Name of Student Name of Institution Consciousness: Why are we Conscious? In exploring consciousness, different researchers derive their ideologies from cognitive psychology. They integrate various theories in an attempt to offer enlightenment about the conscious and unconscious being. It is indeed impossible to forego the concept of unconsciousness while delving deep into the concept of consciousness. Sigmund Freud’s Psychoanalytic Theory, Mayan & Incan Theories and John Lock’s Theory of Personal Identity are useful in understanding consciousness from an in-depth analysis. According to these theories, human beings are conscious so as to understand and blend well in their immediate environment. Freud’s psychoanalytic theory, being the most effective in exploring human consciousness, is classified into three parts. Through these divisions, he posits that one’s conscious creates an attachment between human beings and their surroundings. Freud’s theory also delineates an existence of consciousness by exploring the human mind (Fayek, 2013). In the conscious part, there is storage of good and useful elements that shape an individual’s behavior. The theory depicts that individuals are conscious so as to avoid succumbing to the unpleasant acts. Consciousness is important because it ensures that human beings create a distinction between fantasy and reality. Dwelling on the former, therefore, interferes with human beings and their ability to subscribe to morally upright actions. While the conscious being motivates them to dwell on basic wants, the unconscious part; according to Sigmund Freud, drives humans to

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