Connecting Modern Texts to the Ancient World: Buddhism

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XXXXX YYYYY ZZZZZ 04 December 2016 Connecting Modern Texts to the Ancient World: Buddhism The storyline begins in Singapore where the protagonist has traveled to after her boyfriend decides rather abruptly, to stay and join the Hindu monks. That was in October during Diwali, the Indian Festival of Lights and the Chinese full-moon festival. She is quite angry and hurt, over this turn of events. It was the end of the harvest, and everyone was partying. She had spent all of her money, and stalking an American tourist couple for an opportunity to steal their cash. They all stopped at the Hard Rock Café on Orchard Street. She was waiting at the bar when she caught the eye to two men of Indian descent. As they stared at her, she thought "It was like looking into the abyss and the abyss stared back." (Peynado, 171). She ignored them at first.They asked her to come to the beach with them, why not she thought. It was then that she planned to steal one of their wallets. Anil, the taller one, spoke of Hinduism and happiness, while the other man spoke of Anil’s unhappiness. Suffering, all of them. Fate has brought them together and in the frame of Buddhism, one will have an epiphany. These next paragraphs will analyze who that is. The protagonist is also unhappy, but she agrees to hang out on the beach with these two strangers while they drink local wine, and share information about their personal lives. She decides she will steal someone's wallet. Desperation tends to lead to poor choices. This is where the comparison to religion comes about. All humans come to a point in their lives where good and bad collide. Most religions have an ongoing theme of what is right

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