Confucian Moral Theory and Practice Illustration with Six Virtues

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Confucian Moral Theory and Practice Illustration with Six Virtues Introduction Confucius is greatly recognized because of the number of great achievements in the moral theory. He postulates the needs of the moral theories and practices in the society with the in-depth understanding of the great virtues. The lecture notes provide the relevant issues related to the Confucianism. Confucianism is described by scholars as humanistic, philosophical, religious or way of life in society. The concept and the ideologies are significantly accredited to teachings and schools of thought of the great Chinese philosopher Confucius. The philosopher came up with many changes in the history. His theories and concepts are a guideline to the modern way of living. The ethics and values he instigated are substantially relevant to the present and future generations. However, there have been critics who associate the china’s weaknesses to Confucianism Lecture notes “Concepts of Convergence”2016. The modern intellectuals greatly have divergent views on the doctrines spearheaded by Confucius Lecture notes “Introduction to Confucianism” 2016. The elites conducted comprehensive research on the society and came up with several principles to replace Confucian teachings. Some of these pertinent doctrines are the Maoism and Three principles of the people. Nevertheless, this essay provides a keen understanding of the six fundamental values put forward by Confucius Lecture notes “Concepts of Convergence”2016. According to the detailed lecture notes, it is evident that Confucianism is greatly interested in the morality of people in the society. The critical role he played in providing the

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