Conflicts in Aeneid

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Introduction A conflict is a form of discord arising within a group when actions or beliefs of a member are considered unacceptable. Conflict is a critical theme in human life that has affected kingdoms in the past, and it still does today (Hardie & Philip 318). The grand poem, Aeneid, written by Vergil gives a portion of Roman antiquity and values, though it experiences challenges of translation as it was first written in Latin. Key Aspects of Conflict Elaborated in the Poem In the poem, there is internal clash in the life of Aeneas. He recognizes his responsibility of establishing the great Rome Empire, but he views the burden being too big and chooses his own private life. Aeneas is heard saying why he couldn’t die in Trojan lands instead of going for a tough quest of establishing Rome (Bowie & Angus 477). The hero appears to doubt himself and not as brave as portrayed by the author. Dido, the queen of Carthage, experiences internal conflict between her love and duty. The author, Virgil reminds that love is going to be her breakdown, as it stands in her line of duty; which is the most significant life entity according to Romans’ belief (Virgil 950). Dido almost made in convincing Aeneas to stay in Carthage, which meant he was to quit his dream of founding Rome (Ferron & Steven 36). Unfortunately, it backfired on her as Aeneas leaves making Dido crush and commit suicide which is a great shame for a once independent ruler. Moral conflict is clearly elaborated in the poem when Turnus exterminates Pallas in a battle; Pallas was a close associate to Aeneas. He desecrates his body by thieving his armour and treasurable belt which was against Roman custom

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