conflict resolution

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Conflict Resolution Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Conflict Resolution Introduction Conflict is bound to occur in an organization or a group due to disparities in beliefs and values. Tubbs (2012) explains that a conflict is a desirable occurrence in a group since it eliminates the likelihood of groupthink and propels social learning. In the absence of conflict, the relationships, behaviors, and attitudes will remain the same way throughout, thus, discouraging growth. In an organizational setting, conflict is essential in building team cohesiveness and reveal problems that require intervention. It is, however, up to a group to use conflict destructively or constructively. This paper uses workplace examples to discuss the issue in a group setting at the workplace. A Scenario of Conflict of Feelings in a Group at the Workplace While I was working at a Technology firm during the summer holiday, I witnessed a workplace scenario whereby a team of workers conflicted over the accomplishment of a project. The group of four members was assigned a project that required them to undertake background research on the available Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) in the market. Notably, the project manager had given them only two weeks to conduct the study and submit a comprehensive report. Unfortunately, the team members could not agree on the best approach despite receiving some tips and guidance from the supervisor. A contributing factor to this problem was the fact that the project manager picked the four members from different departments to minimize incidences of groupthink and promote creativity as well as diverse opinions. It was, however, the start of a

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