Conflict and Interpersonal Communication

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Conflict and Interpersonal Communication Student’s Name Institution Abstract The paper discusses the benefits of interpersonal communication in a close relationship. Interpersonal communication refers to the interaction between two or more people in an intimate relationship. Interpersonal communication can be transmitted through verbal or non-verbal communication. The climate of the interaction defines the emotional tone in interpersonal interaction. The emotional tone in a relationship helps in predicting whether the people in the relationship are happy at each other or in any conflict. Interpersonal conflict in relationships involves disagreement due to differences in opinions and other factors. This type of conflict is universal and inevitable in close relationships. Such conflicts can help relationships grow stronger if managed well. Interpersonal conflicts can be solved if the people are strong enough to separate problems and their partners. The people in a relationship can resolve conflict through incompatibility, expression, interference, and interdependence. Therefore, interpersonal communication helps in solving disputes between persons in close relationships. Conflict and Interpersonal Communication Interpersonal communication involves interaction between two or more people in a personal relationship. Usually, there is affection in relationships. Personal connections help people accomplish some basic needs. The communication between people includes the act of sending and receiving messages. The needs that people look for in interpersonal interactions include control, affection, and inclusion. Verbal or non-verbal transmission of a message during

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