Configuring a Host Firewall

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Configuring a Host Firewall. A firewall is a hardware or software that provides a perimeter defense to the network traffic. The firewall is responsible for filtering the packets that enter or leave a given network. A host firewall helps to secure the information by ensuring authentication of the packets according to their source. Configurations to the firewall provide enhancement by blocking various ports that may be sending different packets across the network (Mateosian, 2003) . Firewall Configuration Access-list is a firewall configuration code for the start command. The number includes the IP number which can have a range either from 100 – 199. The permit or deny command can either allow the transmission of the packets or deny the packet transmission. However, there is the use of the different protocols such as the Internet protocol, User Datagram Protocol or the Transmission Control Protocol. The sender of the packet can have a variety of address such as any, host ipaddr or the ipaddr mask. The address any means that the packets can originate from any given source. The host ipaddr is an address that applies to the host machine which may be an individual computer. The format of the IP address is in a decimal format which may help to extend the host configuration to serve a large number of client computers. An example of Host configuration that can accept the incoming packets from a particular address and deny signal transmission that may originate from a specified network address. The firewalls to Implement in a Corporate environment It is critical to apply and deploy both the hardware and software firewalls in a corporate environment. The software firewalls can

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