Confidentiality, Privacy, and Security

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Confidentiality, Privacy, and Security Name:Institution: Three related and significant concepts are often interchangeably used while talking about the safeguarding the health information within the healthcare system of the US. These terms are security, confidentiality and privacy. However, every one of these concepts has a unique role and a different significant meaning as far as healthcare is concerned. This article will discuss the various meanings of the three healthcare concepts with reference to the article "A Day in the Life of a Medical Record.” Confidentiality In healthcare, the term confidentiality is used to refer to the obligation of health professionals with access to the records of a patient to "hold that information in confidence" (Darby, 2000). The principle has its roots in the patient-provider relationships that can be traced back to the time of Hippocrates. Several ethical codes in the medical professions support the need for the health information of any patient to be kept confidential. One such code is the “American Health Information Management Association Code of Ethics” with its principle I (Bayer, Santelli, & Klitzman, 2015). The policy requires all health professionals to uphold, defend, and advocate for the patients’ privacy rights and the confidentiality doctrine while using or disclosing any medical information. The law recognizes confidentiality as the privileged communication between “two parties in a professional relationship” like a nurse or a physician and a patient (Darby, 2000). Patients expect their communication with these professionals to be kept confidential. According to the article, when the patient charts

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