Confidentiality of Patients Information

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Confidentiality of patient’s information Students name Institutional affiliation Abstract In medical ethics, confidentiality is one of the important roles in medical practices. It entails the health workers and care providers to keep the patient's private health information unless the patient gives authority to release the information that the patient has given out. Patients do share some personal health information with his doctor and other r health care providers that are in contact with him during the treatment period, if this information provided may be breached, the relationship between the patient and the physician may be in jeopardy. As a result of that, patients may lose trust and avoid sharing any further personal health information to his doctor. Confidentiality ensures that patient's information is not disclosed to anyone without his knowledge (Serour, 2006). Take for instance patients who suffer stigmatizing condition like reproductive, psychiatric and sexual health requires the information to be handled by the physician with utmost respect never to disclose the information to anyone. Confidentiality is defined as a combination of rules or a pledge that limits access of information to a certain level. Confidentiality helps in restrictions of information that is only limited to the physician and the patient. As a result of this, all details associated with the patient is placed on strict confidence for the use by the medical group and authorized health workers (Serour, 2006). With confidentiality, it builds an environment where the trust is enhanced through respecting the patient’s privacy. This encourages the patient to seek care and to observe

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