Conditioning Essay Examples

conditioning, they are prone to be affected by distance or light. In low light or long distances, the lizards will have to make a fast set of four-legged push-ups before they could send the message. The absence of the alert might result in the misinterpretation of the message and hence the lizard ending up having wasted its energy. Work Cited Goldman, Jason G. “Robot Lizard Push-Ups.” Scientific American Blog Network, 25 Oct. 2010,

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Conditioning Journal 31.6 (2009): 44-46....

conditioning that develops when one is exposed to something at one point affect people’s attitude in future. For instance, when a child is taught about the importance of avoiding strangers, they will form negative attitudes to new people they meet in life hence behaving differently. Bandura believed that the human cognitive and the environment affect the attitudes that people develops towards other people or objects. Environment therefore, can entail things such as the social factors which affect opinion forming in many settings; they have a very strong influence on attitude development. Responsibilities assigned to individuals socially make them to socially relate to the tasks assigned to them;...

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