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conception. Having gained substantial knowledge on genetic inheritance, I am in a better position to understand the behavior of my peers and colleagues than before. For instance, some individuals may inherit mood disorders, health conditions such as diabetes and particular behaviors from their parents. Nurture, on the other hand, is primarily responsible for the early human development. The environmental factors involved in child upbringing shape a person’s behavior (Cacioppo & Freberg, 2016). For instance, a child who grows in a violent home is likely to develop antisocial behaviors such as bullying. On the contrary, a person who is raised in a happy home is expected to develop positive...

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conception of things differently from the other. Since partial true does not exist, it is, therefore, logical to agree that the Descartes referred to the indivisible mind and to that can be divided (brain, and which is part of the body) whose underdevelopment or use of drugs contribute to disorders. Conclusion In brief, Descartes in his claim meant that the mind is separate from the body. He dwelled on the premise of doubt as well as that of determining what is true or false to support that claim. According to Descartes, he can doubt that his body exists as a thinking being but cannot doubt his existence if he is thinking. He brings up a proposition that I am thinking, therefore, I exist....

conception (Thomson 48). However, she grants her claim on the impermissibility of abortion following the assumptions of the anti-abortion who claim every person has a right to life. Therefore, even the mother of the unborn child is entitled to her own right to a decision. That is, anti-abortionists have decided to overlook the rights and freedom of the mother to her personal space and decision-making. Instead, they enforce the right to life to overrule all other rights, which in Thomson defense in being hypocritical and double stands. Thomson inclines her to augment against abortion claiming the prospect for drawing the line that defines the life of a fetus is dim. Arguably, the life of the fetus...