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Computer Science Name Institution To: Sandy Davis, Chief Information Officer, TPAC From: Allan Smith RE: Implementation of a new information system Date: 27 November 2018 Mr. Davis, Significant Product Changes The most significant the organization may implement within the next three years is introducing lean manufacturing. Lean manufacturing refers to the continuous effort to minimize or eliminate waste during the design, manufacturing, distribution, and customer support processes (Bhamu & Singh, 2014). The seven essential residues in manufacturing are the over-production beyond demand, waiting time of operators and machines, unnecessary transportation, debris in the Quick Response Manufacturing (QRM) process, excess stock of material, non-value adding practices, and defects in quality. One of the strategies employed is cellular manufacturing whereby machines and workstations are arranged depending on a collection of distinct processes positioned in proximity to manufacture a selection of like products. Cellular manufacturing reduces both cycle period and inventory thus shortening market response time. Continuous flow essentially means moving from one value-added process to the next without any holdups. Mistake proofing will be introduced to reduce the number of mistakes made by using preventative automatic responsiveness in the system (Modi & Thakkar, 2014). Another appropriate strategy is a continuous flow that reduces batch size consequently doing away with system constraints. Additionally, the customer service system would incorporate computerized responses to standard and previously asked questions to redirect focus on new and urgent queries.

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