comprehensive application of epidemiology

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Comprehensive Application of Epidemiology Student’s Name Institution’s Name Abstract The study of epidemiology presents various problems; however, subject identification occurs at the center of this medical concept. During population identification, there are chances of encountering undefined populations, single defined populations, and total mix-up of the affected people, which is a combination of the two problems. The major problem identified under epidemiology is the undefined population; this refers to knowing the problem but the uncertainty of who is affected. One of the innovative ways to mitigate the mentioned problem is the application of microchips to help in identifying various people within a population who exhibit multiple symptoms of a given disease. By applying the suggested intervention, different health policies are affected by either boosting or hindering them. Also, the response requires some specialized treatment, and thus doctorate-prepared nurses play an important role if the application of microchips is to be successful. The implantation of the chips helps in promoting healthcare as it engages the entire health sector. Keywords: Population, health, people, community, epidemiology Comprehensive Application of Epidemiology Merrill (2013) describes epidemiology as the study of how a specific disease or health determinant gets spread, and how to use the gathered information to make society safe. The data obtained from epidemiological is used to prevent or control diseases to avert further deaths or complications. In the process of epidemiological study application, various problems get encountered depending on the place, people and time of

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