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Michelle gets a Pet Michelle was just turning ten years old and it his father had accepted to fulfill a promise he had made earlier to her regarding a pet. Her father had just taken her to the doctor to confirm whether she had any allergies and the doctor had given them a go-ahead saying she was good to get any furry pets. Now, all that was left was for Michelle to choose the kind of pet she wanted and to her, life could not get any better. At the pet store, Michelle surprised everyone when she chose a puppy. However, this was no ordinary puppy but rather a pure German Shepherd breed puppy. “Honey are you sure that is what you want? Do you know how big those become? Asked Michelle’s Dad. “Yes Dad, I know how big they are when fully grown and I still want him” answered Michelle. Her dad smiled down at her daughter now aware of what she was doing. Her father being a Military dog trainer, had Michelle many stories of how various service dogs had played significant roles in the society, from stopping terrorists, guiding the blind, saving children from danger just to mention a few. From her actions, Michelle was saying that it was time to take an adventure of her own in training an animal that as both a pet but also useful to the society. Besides, her father knew that growing up with a pet would positively impact his child (Public Health Council, 2018). However, there was a catch to this new privilege. And this was that while her father agreed to help her train her new companion to be disciplined and intelligent, Michelle would also help her mother in cleaning after the pet, washing him, and feeding him when she was not in school. As they left for home, both

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