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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Composer Style Report There are many famous musical composers who have been able to shape the world of music as we know it today. The musical world of today owes much of its present day joy to the past works that were done by the ‘musical ancestors.' It is thus worth remembering their works which were very commendable works of art. Musical forms part of the very extensive and great field known as art. This field brings both joy and satisfaction to life and should never be ignored at all times. In light of these facts, we are going to discuss one particular individual who was a very great artist. This artist who was a composer was Giovanni Gabrieli who did a lot of extensive composing works in his career. This document will discuss him and the style of work that he was doing. Moreover, the document will also discuss the extent and impact of his work and its bearing on music since his time to the present day. It can be fenced that Giovanni was a very significant musical persona of his time. Being a Venetian composer, Giovanni Gabrieli lived in the period between 1553 and 1612. Comparing this period to the present 21st century it is roughly 500 years later sine his death and yet we are still remembering him and studying his work. Considering that he was doing his work even before the industrial revolution one notices that the work was very commendable and impactful as well. Venice stood as a link between the east and the west in terms of trade and was hence very powerful. This is the period of renaissance where there was a transition between the old and the new. The medieval period was ushering in the modern period which saw a lot

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