Complete Unknown

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Name: Professor: Course: Date: Understanding the Film Reviews Introduction According to, the film, “Completely Unknown” is captivatingly mysterious, until it is not mysterious anymore. The film is very controversial following the identity of the main actor. It is in this view that a person may need to understand the meaning of personal identity. In the film, the personal identity of Alice remains mysterious as her identity changes from one scene to another. People who reviewed the film also questions the possible value of the personal identity in their film. This paper explores the meaning and the value of the film, with a focus on the development of personality, and how transitive personality may influence the quality of a film. Positive Review According to Calvin Wilson who posted his review of the film on, the film has a lot of positive to take away, especially on personality. Wilson wrote, “Despite its flaws, ‘Complete Unknown’ raises provocative questions about the nature of identity and whether it's more a comfort or a trap (Wilson 1).” According to Wilson, the character traits of Alice that changes from an environmental biologist as Connie to a surgeon as Paige, and as a magician's assistant in China with the name Mae, as a business woman in Ohio and as a swimmer in Amazon are all positive. Wilson believes that the beauty of the personality is to fit in every situation that they need. The ability to change the charter traits, the behavior and the actions one posts to the public depending on the situation is an important aspect that people should inculcate. In the moral development of the theme of love and

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