Complete a final clean, revised, documented (MLA or APA) research paper. Submit your final research paper to your mentor. Remember that your research paper should consist of between 5 and 10 pages of

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Productivity Improvement at the Workplace Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Productivity Improvement at the Workplace The fast-changing workforce features, the daily changing technology, increasing competition as well as ways to improve productivity are the unrelenting issues for various organizations affecting the whole world economy system. Organizations are integrating all possible and acceptable features that would help on improving the productivity levels to aid in the competitive atmospheres. Despite technological influences, the human resource plays an important part in determining a firm’s productivity rate. Every manager in various organization operational sections is under the guidance of the corporate objectives that mandates sufficiency in organizational production. However, this does not guarantee attainment of all set goals. In most cases, companies have failed to achieve their goals because of poor working conditions. Simply knowing that organizations are driven by persons as workers in step towards fulfilling the set productivity levels, necessitates the understanding of how employees, their practical terms, and environment interconnect with the productivity rate. Fundamentally anything that needs the human input for its efficiency equally demands a conditional environment that sets the standards for their performance. Additionally, people, in this case, workers need a motivating working atmosphere. Companies make sure that they recruit individuals with the required knowledge and skills to their fields of work. Quite often, this guarantees the workers the capacity to know the operational protocols and produce averagely. Nevertheless, if

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